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Annapolis Santa Run

Letter from the Chairman


            When the Annapolis Santa Run began over 13 years ago, my vision was to create an event to bring families together. From the first stops to the last stops of the night we ride to create an event that will live on long past our lifetimes. It is such a joy to see all the people who come out to support us. The many families who have adopted us as their Christmas tradition.


My Santas are the center stage of the show. I must say that I do have the best Santas anyone could ask for. Some have taken on their fathers' roles while others have stepped up when called. They truly are gifted at their trade.


The MANY MANY volunteers who support them who go unnoticed. From the drivers and elves to the community contacts who arrange the stops, we are blessed. The elves who work so hard at the North Pole processing, sorting and picking the gifts (fedex,USPS,and Amazon have nothing on us). The many people who work diligently on the lists checking them twice (and yes Santa does have a naughty list). Finally, the elves who make sure that everything is delivered. I am very lucky to have them all.


Then we have the children who come out just to see Santa. I cannot say how special it is to see the look on a young child's face to see Santa arrive. To just sit on his lap and talk to him. The way their eyes get as big as saucers is warming to the heart.


What we don't see is the child who is receiving our help on Christmas morning. Whose parents or grandparents are struggling for whatever reason. The help that we are giving to OUR neighbors in need. It is very gratifying to know that on Christmas morning, we as a community reached out to make this all happen.


Finally, I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. In years past I have tried to recognize everyone who helped. Even with keeping a list I always seemed to forget someone. So this year I am just going to say:



John D. Muhitch

Chairman Annapolis Santa Run




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